Sunday, June 1, 2014

Australia 2014

Here I go again, as I have said before traveling is an addiction--unfortunately it's an expensive one…Anyway, I had been wanting to travel to Australia for over a decade. In a way you could say that Australia is what first got me hooked on the love of traveling. To emphasize just how deep my fascination runs with this country, I named my dog (who is now 1.5 years old) Sydney.

(Sydney, Half Cocker Spaniel-Half Golden Retriever)

My phone screen background several months before booking my ticket was of the Sydney Opera House. And of course there is the obsession with that wonderful Aussie accent. Hugh Jackman being one of my favorite actors helps as well (if you haven't seen Rise of the Guardians yet, you should definitely check it out). It is great for kids and adults alike! Jackman also throws in as many Aussie terms as the script would allow.

Enough with trying to explain my fascination you probably get my point, back to the idea of travel. My first international trip was the summer between my junior and senior year of high school to Kenya, Africa. This was many years after I had started thinking of traveling (to Australia mostly). So I thought why not? Why not take a trip down under? This was not as easy of a decision as that however, but it was a decision that spurred from something as simple as a tweet. A few months back I tweeted, "I need to stop watching Australian shows…it makes me wanna hop on a plane to Sydney." Now this sparked some conversation both on the twitter sphere as well as in real life. At the time I wrote that, I was a few months from graduating from college. I had no plans and hadn't heard anything from my seemingly futile job search. To say the least I was drowning in this sea of doubt about life after the golden years of college. After I sent that one little tweet though, my dream of going to Sydney seemed to form itself. Now I had been saving up some during college, just in case I graduated and found myself unemployed for an extended period of time, but then I decided if there was a time to do something like travel half way around the world, now was it! So I bought 2 plane tickets to Sydney, Australia and started planning a trip of a lifetime. A few weeks later I received a job offer (one I gladly accepted) and a bit later I graduated from college. One week after graduation, I found myself on a plane, ready to see the country that had only ever made an appearance on my bucket list.

My next few posts will be about my travels in Sydney during May 17-27, this trip is now over (I am back in the U.S.) but will be reliving some of the experiences as I share them with all of you. Even though it's after the fact, I hope you enjoy!

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