Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 1 (Sat.-Mon.) May 17-19

Somehow or another I managed to be packed and ready to go in the middle of finishing school, starting a new job and graduating…don't ask me how, just know it was pretty exhausting! We drove up to the airport and our journey began. I was lucky enough to get to go with my mom, and I am so glad that she could join me!

Airports are always hectic, remembering to take off all jewelry and shoes, not forgetting to grab all of your belongings. I have done a fair amount international travel, so you would think the airport security would be second nature by now--it's not…As soon as I went through security, I hurried to grab all (or so I thought) of my stuff--as soon as I start putting on my shoe, I realized I am missing something crucial to international travel…that's right, my passport! I raced back to the counter, with one shoe half on, the other back with my mom, where I had put it down, and there it was, whew! Crisis averted. After that it was fairly smooth sailing, or flying should I say.


Now LAX airport is most definitely not the best airport ever, but that is a story for another post…While we were in the LAX airport, we met a girl named Sophie. She was a wonderful young lady, who was from Australia, she was studying in Pennsylvania and returning home after her semester had ended. She gave us a few good tips to go by while we were in Sydney, and the whole time we were chatting I was hoping to remember all of her pointers after an extremely long flight.

After what seemed like forever, we finally boarded the plan to Sydney.

(My ticket to an adventure of a lifetime)

Now the flight from LAX->SYD was a 15 hour flight, and we took off at almost 10:30 that night, this meant that a good portion of our trip would be spent asleep, right? Well if you have ever traveled on a plane and tried to sleep, you know that it's not the most comfortable of challenges. I must say however, I got a bit spoiled on the particular flight. I had the aisle seat on the right side of the plane, we were told 3 passengers did not show up for the flight (I couldn't imagine missing a flight to Sydney, Australia), after they made this announcement I looked to my side and there are two open seats--that's right, 2! The two missing passengers had booked the seats next to me…As soon as the doors closed and we took off, I made myself quite comfortable. I made a nice little bed that I could spread out in, once I ate dinner, I turned on a movie and fell asleep within 30 minutes. Five hours later, I woke up, looked at my watch, and could not believe I was actually able to sleep for 5 hours on an airplane straight through…after I had surprised myself with having slept that long, I fell back asleep for an additional 3 hours.

The rest of the flight went by so quickly, it helps when you can sleep for most of it, but as soon as we were flying over Sydney, my excitement was overwhelming!

(Tracking the flight can also helped to pass the time!)

We flew over Sydney right when the sun was coming up, so it was even more beautiful of a sight than I could have imagined. I was ready to start my journey down under!
(The view from my window as we began to land, sorry for the glare…)

More about the adventures to come, stay tuned!

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